It’s me.

At this point I have:

One WordPress, two Tumblrs, at least three blogger sites, and probably more of me pasted around the web to come.

Why have I started this?

For the longest time, I debated on the idea of having a public blog. I enjoy telling my stories to an audience, but I also needed to remember that my audience can be, but not limited to:

  • My boss
  • My former classmates who want to know what I have been doing
  • Anonymous
  • Future CIA recruiters who are in search for a viable candidate
  • Friends who will use my old posts against me to remind me of my youthful times
  • Church group/organization members who want to see how their leader is like
  • Spam robots
  • Actual creepers
  • Blackmailers
  • God/Church/Family/overprotective parents/overprotective grandparents/former crushes/boyfriends/flings/frenemies/pets who want to know whether I have forgotten them see how I’ve been doing

As you can see, I am setting myself up for danger.

Therefore, I pray that whoever you are when you stumble on this website after googling my name, seeing me share it on snapchat/facebook/linkedin/instagram, that you have the best of intentions to just know who I am as a person that you can connect with on a human being level.

Know me as someone who is always in the process of learning, who is bound to create experiences due to the lack of wisdom, who shares all the opinions about the world that it can’t be contained within the depths of her mind.

Know me that there are somethings I can’t fully express through actions and that I can only do so through writing.

Know me for writing this out to find who I am just as how you are finding out who you are each day.

Know me as someone pursuing the God who has given so much grace for all of us who’s able to live and breathe on this dust that we came from.

I hope through knowing me, that you will find stories that you can relate to, that we will have better things to converse over a coffee table and that somehow, it will help us understand this complexity of life.



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