I’m mad about flowers.


But today is not one of happiness.

It was graduation week in Wisconsin-Madison last weekend and it had slipped my mind. I knew it was May but when you’re not reminded of spring allergies it just seems like an eternity loop of July humidity.

One of my good friends graduated. On this day, I would have bought flowers for a couple of them (who doesn’t like receiving flowers?) — paying it forward to the one time I had received flowers from others as well.

I was a day late to ask her fiancé to purchase some flowers for her — I told him I could Venmo the money to him and was hoping he could buy some for her (again who doesn’t like receiving flowers?) — but the only thing he said was :

” I don’t have Venmo.”

No like “it’s okay I got her flowers” or “sure” or “it’s already passed graduation”. And it wasn’t like her fiancé was a total stranger — I ran with this person on a weekly basis at one point of time around the park.

You would expect someone to respond to you slightly differently after not talking for a few months and is typing this on the other side of the world.

And yet when I offered alternative payments, he just didn’t respond.

In conclusion, I didn’t get her flowers. Part of me thinks whether my friendship with her is worth it considering how cold that message came in.

Or maybe I was the one who came up with a not-so-convincing message to get him to help me. Also this was the guy I asked if I could borrow his car for a year to travel to work as I didn’t want to buy a car that would only be utilized for such a short period of time. You may be able to guess what his response was.



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