Gone were the methods I learned that I should stop a few inches away from the white painted line before the Stop sign.

“Malaysians don’t stop at Stop signs unless it’s a traffic light”

The stop signs here are placed at U-turns, and there isn’t a need to stop if you have the right of way on a straight road.

Someone’s lights were not on. I was tempted to alert them about it.

“Why are you looking back every time you change lanes; there’s a reason why you have side mirrors”

I rejoice at the difficulties of parking using a reverse camera.

Cranking up my seat, I already had regrets.

When I decided to buy a new car, there were very few things I needed in a car; a Bluetooth for wireless Spotify playlists, a decent horsepower, keyless system.

I was used to the Toyota Prius I had in the States, so I was more geared towards the techie side of a car rather than the potentiality of its engine.

When I drove it out for the first time, I noticed the absence of a middle compartment — a common location where I shoved all my personal things; hidden and at elbow’s reach.

What replaced it was 2 USB ports; no aux cord; and a HAND BRAKE. Maybe it’s a first world thing — I was accustomed to the third foot pedal, whether in my Prius or in my parents’ cars.

The seats used labor-intensive methods to move it about instead of the clickable version.

By now; I sound REALLY SPOILT. But you never realized what’s good till it’s gone — oh how I miss my Prius.

Don’t tell my new car about it.


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