and it’s 11/1.

Maybe it’s because I’m no longer seeing a pile of snow outside the window that I felt that the year had not passed.

And yet I feel sort of relieved entering into the New Year. I’m starting to move out of “hibernation”, moving to another potential new chapter in life and wondering what’s more to come.

Was 2016 a difficult year for me? I guess it was a difficult year for everyone. You can see last year’s posts have been dreadful in different levels.

I wouldn’t say it was difficult; but it was tough in the sense that I had to persevere. Couldn’t quit on life even if I wanted to.

December has also been a strange month for me; this is where I usually had a romantic interest/fling/breakup towards Christmas time but none of that happened last year — not sure if it’s a sign of adulthood but am actually okay with it; so I guess I’m no longer that hopeless romantic anymore?

My good friends are getting married — and I’m happy for them. I felt like I’ve reached a point where I’m not pressured to be married – not pressured to find someone and stick to evaluating myself each day.

I’m sure I may have said the same things last year — but I can sense a better year for me this year — after all it’s the year of the Rooster — I’ve reached the second cycle of the zodiac calendar.


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