Yet another one bites the dust…

Growing up, I would like to think I inherited my dad’s frugality — only spending what was necessary or worthy of a long-term investment. I realized that hasn’t always been the case. I had begun to fall into the other end of the spectrum – a common attribute of my mom : impulsive spending.

Stores I try to stay away from:

  • Stationery stores
  • Book stores
  • Innisfree stores
  • Online fashion stores
  • Food stores (this is a no-brainer)

So when the annual Big Bad Wolf sale –apparently the world’s biggest book sale — happened, I knew that the books I buy would somehow get lost within the shelves, collecting dust, or just get lost from reading it at different places and are nowhere to be found.

and guess what.

I bought more books again! Oh the horror! 


( a few of them are not like the others…)

I’m hoping to get better in completing my reading – I have only finished two books this year that wasn’t school/work-related. A lot of the books I’ve bought ended up in donation — part of me knows bringing it home would join the others in the dust. My literature friend is aiming for 40 books next year so I’m going to do my best to commit to at least 12 next year.

Also, I’ve been trying to hunt for great Kindle buys (a la free books) and just recently stumbled on “The 100 Greatest Novels of All Time” for free so I’m super stoked.

On another note, a UCL friend told me that she read the KJV version of the Bible as part of her literature reading for her degree. It wasn’t all too random though — a colleague of ours has a blind date set up by his aunt — and the girl was called Dorcas. Dorcas is a disciple in the New Testament but holds a very minor character, hence, the conversation.

On the other hand, I should commit to reading the Bible in a year…

I have also purged my Facebook so I could read more, among other reasons. In the times that I did deactivate it, I finished a book in three days and haven’t felt so accomplished since quitting pasta for a month.


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