WARNING: rant of emotions


This time last year, I got a blog because I wanted to be a better mature person.

But in reality, I was depressed over the cutest guy I’ve ever met, which spurred me into creating this blog.

I honestly had no idea what this person had done to send me in such a spiral. Seeing him was like reliving my secondary school days when in seventh grade, where my friends and I would compete for the attention of a 10th grade sports captain.

Such was this guy; that blonde hair blue-eyed boy, jock popularity, second violinist, California surfer, debate coach, engineer, avid basketball player and could probably win in jeopardy… (I’m a total sapiosexual)



I’ve stopped reading chick lit because I couldn’t comprehend the existence of a physical version of the boy-next-door –usually written for the hopeless romantic– but here he was, sitting in front of me, eating dinner together.

For all you know, his personality can be total trash but thanks to that, I had arrived here, writing again.

All these does sound really creepy, but hey — if you happen to meet this ideal attractive person– wouldn’t you have gone equally gaga as well? Cut me some slack.



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