work space.

I have been waking up at 5 to get to work at 6 am and been going back around 4.

Despite the weird hours and crashing on the couch the moment I get home, I’ve loved every moment of it. I have met great peers of my age and much older, a diverse group of people who tolerate my sarcastic nature and a community of individuals who are willing to share their immense knowledge stored from years of institutional memory in the corporate world.

The learning curve has been pretty intense in this close to one month period. Seeing how textbook knowledge has been applied to presenters’ scripts when talking about the news opens up a new perspective of learning for me. Hearing how some CEOs evade tough interview questions and not flinching from it amazes me. I have heard stories of how renowned figures have went into the studio with the aim to promote a certain aspect of their business and go out the door never wanting to do another interview with us again.

It’s fun to do talkset preps each morning because I get to learn something new every day whilst researching for unfamiliar data within an hour. Like this week, we’ve been going about with Fintech and how it might disrupt or boost the banking industry in Malaysia. I can’t wait for something like Venmo to come. Times like this are when I wish I was fluent in coding and dabble with Swift.

My supervisor has been so insightful — giving a mini-lecture about chaebols since we were talking about Lotte in our news. As my colleague was not a finance student, the crash course about various industries have been helpful and refreshing.

When people hear where I work, they get excited; assuming I am a presenter although I’m nowhere near being a talking head albeit being able to talk a whole lot. Their mornings are spent on listening to our “intelligent” discussions which have been fuelled by running on 110% from 6-7:30 am, a cup of hastily-made drip coffee and a constant need to research material to be organized on a “sacred ritual” document — a daily Google Doc shared among 7 people. Fact-checking data and setting the bar for quality content in the radio scene—all to promote an “uncensored voice” and the love of learning more each day.

Many have asked why have I chosen this media scene. I was not a Comms major, my degree was in Finance and Economics — ideally I should be in corporate banking. My supervisor, after knowing me for a few weeks, said my personality doesn’t seem to fit into banking — I question the status quo, I persist and resist, my “brashness”–these characteristics that do not fit in the mould of a worker of the hierarchical corporate culture. I was the liberal walking into a conservative arena. What would I be trying to prove? What am I doing attempting to change a structural system not meant for me? Am I just one of those millennials who just want to instil change and see results overnight all for that hall of fame?

Beyond that, it has been a good one month and transitioning back into this country.

I also led my first Bible study on Tuesday!

Having questions and challenging the Bible, I posted a question at the end asking about how the audience interpreted the message about the qualifications of deacons, as the wording came out to be weird. So I portrayed what a secular person would read it as.

Someone mentioned about how I shouldn’t ever think that, and I felt whether I had done wrong as a Christian trying to guide people with the Word, but at the same time, wanting them to think about different perspectives.

I was also nervous as this was the largest group in attendance due to the no. of people we invited from our “recruitment drive” for our CG a couple days back. And I was by far, the youngest kid in the group, with the oldest being in their early 50s. So there was a lot at stake in trying to sound comprehendible but also “wise” in understanding the Word and God.

2 months have passed, and I’m beginning to accept this home.







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