September: Adjustments

For anyone who’s been wanting to know I’ve been doing, here’s a good summary.

For one, I have mirrored everything about driving, that I thought I should be using the left leg to drive instead of my right since I was now sitting on the opposite side.

I still eat with the fork on my right hand.

I’ve been trying to reduce my food portions, although there are still the occasional “I haven’t had this food yet” craving which would result me having 3 curry puffs, 5 “pisang goreng”, a “roti canai”, and banana leaf rice in the span of two hours.

My mom has been trying to get me to diet, but we just went on a food trip that resulted me eating 10 times that day and feeling so sick the next.

Durian has been my staple food. Complemented with mangosteen, second favorite.

I miss avocadoes when they were so cheap. We get Australian ones here.

I’ve gotten into the habit of reading and amazed by my progress, considering that Facebook used to be my regular form of “reading”.

Realized that a great portion of this entry is about my adjustments in regards to food.

Also turning 23 this month.

Also currently hooked onto Mr. Robot that I got myself a Reddit account.

Today is a public holiday. There has been so far 2 public holidays in my time here.

That is all.


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