In midst of pacing myself in getting through tasks one thing at a time, I decided to take a bus trip to Minnesota which I had long wanted to do since I promised my friend that I would go visit her when she’s there.

For the spontaneity nature I live by, I learn to not expect and be blessed by the outcomes of my actions; be it good or bad. God has constantly surprised me and remind me that he has my back, and that he’s pursuing my heart even as I rebel and stumble.

I’m blessed by  the friends I knew in Minnesota who were so willing to be flexible with my schedule. Everything fell into place today, my friend whom I met for lunch had quit her job two weeks ago to concentrate on wedding duties happening in a months’ time. Another friend I met later had time off this month and was so helpful with my shopping things I never knew I needed (and Pokemon. I got two Dratinis thanks to her)

I later went to a Bible study that my friend (the one I’m staying with) has been attending, and got a new perspective in the structure of leading a Bible study from others. But the cherry that tops the cake was this girl in the group who came up to me and started this conversation:

G: are you Malaysian?

A: yeah! You could tell?

G: yeah, I can tell from your accent! I was in Malaysia for a year

A: *beginning to assume some person trying to sound cultured* okay—did you do an exchange there?

G: No, I studied there for a year at Taylor’s—

A: *starts hyperventilating* You WENT TO TAYLOR’S?

G: YEAH! In 2011!


*starts bursting into conversations about our favorite pasttimes*

There is nothing more joyful than someone who knows my hometown, my school, my favorite shopping mall, my degree program, speaks Malay and is NOT a Malaysian. (She’s Korean)

Major brownie points.

When she started talking about all her favorite things about Malaysia, a part of me rekindled its love for my own home country, the fate I refused to accept despite days away from leaving.

Is it a weird coincidence that the times I’m taking a break off church/Madison is when God brings me home to Him again?


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