I think this blog does require some color. So let’s talk about things that are happening in the world today.


History always seems to repeat itself.

Over the century, ethnocentric propaganda drives favorable votes for the advocating party, as seen in the passing of the Chinese Exclusion Act in 1882, the current Islamophobia in USA, and the xenophobia of the UK. (insert my comic drawn on the comparison: link)

It doesn’t take much to spark fear and rage among British people and if anything people should learn, you lose when you lose your cool. And so the society votes (also Commonwealth countries are allowed to vote, so Malaysians can vote too), and the verdict is released. The pound drops by 10%, the promises in the manifesto have been disclaimed, and everybody is now sad, confused and more mad than before.

A couple of ‘Vote Leave’ people have been interviewed and they thought their votes didn’t count. It almost sounds as familiar as voting for Trump here, but really at this point who cares what happens to America? None of the candidates are that great (was a huge Bernie Sanders follower, but the needed support for his campaign has driven him off the edge), and right now we can pray for the lesser of two evils.

Also, Malaysia has strong ties financially to the UK, which means there will be lots of volatility which will affect the economy. These people really just don’t care about the ripple effect they are causing.


Maybe you need to learn how to do a proper job as the UKIP leader before shrugging off that labelled warm ale. (UPDATE: He quit his own party)



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