For the love of America, I’ve met yet another great individual who embodies the “manifest destiny” that America prides with.

So let me re-educate anyone who’s not Malaysian, of my identity.

  1. I am MALAYSIAN Chinese. Which means I didn’t grow up in China, I don’t know the local situation of China and I cannot relate to your Chinese students. I might as well ask how Ireland is, after all, your roots are tied to Irish, we celebrate St. Patrick’s Day, and we absolutely know everything about you.
  2. I have spoken English MY ENTIRE LIFE. No, I have never dreamed bilingual. No, I don’t know what it’s like to dream in another language and had the opportunity to dream in English. I don’t care if your student did there, it’s not applicable to me. And no matter how you force it, my situation is not the same as your student, even though we are all international students coming to America.
  3. Your students have failed TOEFL 5 times and you mention how it’s also very difficult for you? Look, I know you are trying to some empathetic. I am fortunate to grow up in a society that is more Westernize than others but I know for sure that the speaking section is not hard for you, especially since you have been correcting my pronounciation abruptly when I’m in the middle of conversing.
  4. I don’t care if you have taught hundreds, thousands, or million students English and American culture and have been eternally grateful for your guidance. That doesn’t mean you should be interrupting me and say “let me teach you something cultural” and proceed to let me know that me not looking at you while talking makes you feel left out and you decide to pull out your “I deserve the right to culture you because of my 20 years of experience meeting diverse people” excuse. I’m sure not talking over someone is something cultural you already know too.
  5. Maybe all is forgiven, as I know that this society hasn’t done much but prevailing ignorance. For the love of God, some things need to be educated and made aware and I am okay to tell you everything you need to know, but if I made it clear that I’m not what you think I am, then please be open minded and expand your horizon. Unless I need to teach you that’s something cultural too.

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