I’ve felt like I’ve passed a storm.

The month of May, and this past week with moving, sorting out my life, the biggest most important audit, exams, breaking down, stressed by the overflowing of overthinking has made me just exhausted. I just want to break free, with no baggages, no reponsibilities, spending time in tranquility, talking to God, saying a prayer, and perhaps the only thing that should bother me would be the rustling leaves with no sense of direction.

Somehow in the middle of cleaning I would experience some identity crisis. Somehow I would start questioning my actions. Somehow I hate talking to the people I want to talk to the most because they just stress me more than I’ve already stressed myself out. And somehow I would just start crying, and have my inner voice squabling and be like “wow Anna, seriously you can’t even hold yourself together in this kind of situation?”

The world doesn’t stop for you when you stop. But the world can adapt to you when you move.

Maybe just spend a day or two debating about the Bible. Stargazing at the backyard by the Pavillion. Question your existence, wondering what’s next. Wonder if God is good, and if He was truly good maybe He should have skipped Trump out.

Help me say a prayer. Help me love You more each day.


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