All the things I want to do.

Being the season for packing and moving into our new apartment, I found some gems, one of them being the “roomie bucket list” and it dawned upon me that I’ve had bucket lists for years and I have yet to get around to do them.

Being me I want to dive into everything. I promised myself that I will sign up for that pole dancing class I have been eyeing on ever since I got my car, and it has been a year since then. When I got my breaks between work and class in Union South, I told myself that I would get an annual membership with the rock climbing club at the basement floor so I can get in-between workouts, but ended up being swarmed with just everything else in between.

Part of me has that YOLO mentality, like that one time I drove from Milwaukee to Madison with a semi-hangover and I was some honest idiot who decides to show up in a non-mandatory church gathering and indirectly annouced to everyone that their co-servant went drinking the night before to the state she’s in right now. Or that one time I bought my flight tickets to San Francisco, and arrived in the middle of the night, a dead phone, and hitched a cab with two (good-looking) strangers and I swear that God must be on my side because the airport was basically deserted and there was not a single vehicle when I left the exit.

Which I must have misplaced my YOLO-ness, because there are better things that deserved that proactiveness, and I use it to put myself in greater risk that’s more stupid than bravery.

Anyhow, summer’s in. And I’m still risking myself running around the neighbourhood at 11 pm.

I look forward to great summer adventures, Madison!


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