You need to take action.

I have asked myself many times, but it’s weirder coming from my boss yesterday on what I wanted to do with my life.

For the past couple of weeks I have been studying for the CFA, a professional finance exam that prepares you for roles in the investment banking/trading/asset management industry. the interesting thing is that I have absolutely no interest in going into the Wall Street arena, and sometimes I wonder the finance major is worth it at all.

I wouldn’t consider myself a jack of all trades, but I do have an issue: I enjoy learning many things, but all my interests are not in correlation with my career. I like drawing, painting, dancing and learning music, all these that seemed to push towards a more creative career but here I am memorizing financial models and statement analysis. Not saying that finance is not creative, but if I were to solely be a finance/accounting person, that’s just not my living. Some people find ecstasy through trading, and I’m just looking at it like it’s a gambling game.

So the hardest questions are the ones questioning my future:

What’s my passion?
What are you going to do for the next five years?
What can you do to optimize your regret minimization framework?

I promise you I do have ideas. But the one thing I need to be better at is commitment and discipline.

It would come full circle, my boss says, you can either :

a) try things out and let nature take its course in bringing you back to the right path
b) figure out what you really want to pursue right here and right now and take the action steps to it, and if it doesn’t work out, it means you are mean for something else

At the end, you will realize by moving into each new role, you will pick up something new, be exposed to something different, and you will acquire all the skills that you wanted to have and beyond, all in good time and faith.

The point is to act now.

And so I may be diverting to a path different from what I envisioned many years ago. When I was 11, I wanted to be a fashion designer.  Today, I don’t know whether being a fashion designer would make me the most passionate.

But right now, I will learn things, that I would either use 5% or 55% in the future, but will hopefully grow me,
allow me to find my passion,
allow me to fulfill my potential.


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