I have a lot of throwbacks lately, so I’m going to list some things from childhood that are super memorable, so I can look back.




This one going to 2009 when I told myself I was going to pursue arts. If I remembered clearly, I gave up on the table, because it was checkered. I was like “Ain’t nobody got time for that”. Impatience since 1993.

I think it’s still displayed at the art class exhibit.

2. puzzleisland

The story behind this: 11-year-old me stays back in school for the umpteenth time as her parents are both working late. She wanders into the school library, in which she mysteriously find a book way back at the corner of the library placed on the top of a neatly arranged row. What was supposedly just a book, becomes a daily quest for her to finish the puzzle  (at some places, has some answers scribbled), getting a few others in the library to crack the mystery of this magical island.

SPOILER: This is also how I learned about dodos being extinct in Mauritius.

I would probably buy some of these similar books on Amazon. It really doesn’t seem like Child’s Play as much as the bottom title says it is. This book is so fun, that it has been so memorable to me to the point that every time I see dodos or Mauritius, I am reminded of this awesome book.

Another SPOILER: The picture above actually spells some clues (not altogether). They were usually around the tail of the animal.

P.S. it reminded of Jumanji.






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