Remembering graduation.



Photo on 5-16-15 at 3.51 PM #2

I spent the night in the library doing this, before my computer science exam. Go Photoshop and 3 bucks. (It says “Thanks Mom and Dad” the Looney Tunes way)

My graduation week last year was crazy.

I had my photos taken with the friends I’ve hanged out since the day I stepped into Madison and I remembered having to take my Theatre exam in two hours.

On they day of graduation, I had three exams 24 hours before that. Two on Friday, and one on Saturday morning (Computer Science too!) in which I went in my graduation robe because the ceremony would start without me once I was done with my exam.

I wished I could have my lecturer take a picture of me that way, would look pretty swag in it, but it was done in a small room so it didn’t look as cool.

Crazy was the definition of every moment, and definitely the definition of this month. I don’t think there was a month it wasn’t crazy. If it’s not me, it’s my friends. But I’ve enjoyed every part of it, a story to tell, a thing to write, hoping it can convert into some Taylor Swift lyrics.

Thankful, thankful every day. It sounds like I’m repeating this like a never-ending recorder. But seriously, God has been so good.

Keep trusting in him, keep believing in him.

And to end it, a stress-selfie at the stroke of midnight that I take before the finals (in this case, I have a bunch of things going on in life right now)

Using max function for stress,
[max(exams + interview + work, finals)]

Photo on 5-10-16 at 12.05 AM

Your girl keeping it real as always.



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