I claim this land in the name of America.

A man decides to auctions the gun he used to shoot a victim.

I think that’s okay.
It sounds absurd, but he can’t do anything with the gun.
Especially knowing that it has tainted innocent blood, and been use as crime evidence, the best to do is to either toss it to somewhere safe, sell it on auction or “it’s going in a safe for my grandkids”

The crowd roars that this man is acting on his privilege.
He is after all white, and because he shot a person of color, he is now deemed a man who law enforcement will be in favor of and the destitute of humanity.

What is America–without the arguments of white privilege?

What is America–without the emphasis on the color painted on the blank canvases that enter this world?

What is America–without being two sides of the extreme, that sometimes you wonder which is the lesser of two evils.

What is America —
without controversy,
without drama,
without tabloid?

For things are taken far more seriously than it should be, but some things shouldn’t be taken lightly at all.

What is equal, what is fair?

Is it white privilege when the white kid who goes to Stanford has a lower ACT score than the Asian kid who has the perfect score?

Is it white privilege that somehow white people gets recognition like celebrities in Asia but it isn’t the same vice versa?

I’m mad at how some people have to work so hard to get what they want, but are turned down by the shit ass reason of white privilege.


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