I look forward to each day just as the sun beams creep through shadows to greet me each morning.

Where do you find your peace?

I find my peace in the flat whites I get to savor; the ripples of raindrops on the sidewalk, the background tune of bass playing and whirring of coffee machines.

Which is what I’m experiencing now; perhaps why I’m always writing, and not studying.

I like being the introvert observant sometimes, seeing the body language of every person who walks in. There’s a lady in her pink jacket who’s eating a chocolate-glazed cream puff, facing the large window panes thinking about life while sipping on her coffee. Her handbag still slung over her shoulder, showing no sign of staying too long. She takes some time to look at the phone, taking occasional glances at the window pane, as though longing for something before proceeding back to the virtual world.

The lady carries a bag that seems to be from Mexico. It could be a gift from her friend, or a long-term bag she uses daily, stemming from a couple of years ago. I would like to think the reason to be a little of both.

There’s another lady, silver-haired, probably not too much older than the first lady mentioned, who is trying to load some data on her Macbook. Most likely an old version she has, her hand is always under her cheekbone, as though she’s used to waiting. Her earphones are plugged in, daydreaming while waiting it for to load; and even if it’s done loading, she continues to be in her own zone. Her desktop background says “I love — I’m sorry”. Is she living a life to seize the moment each day? Is she learning to forgive and forget the past?

In the Starbucks on University Avenue, there are at least 1/3 of young adults, 1/3 in their early 40s, and another 1/3 starting their 50s. Young adults as always, either having a conversation with someone, or working on something on a computer. Early 40s and 50s individuals are most likely professors, grading some paper, working on some newspapers, or just sipping coffee and staring at the window. It makes sense, since it’s near to Shorewood Hills, a residential area that most rich professors live, and near to residential areas where most young families and graduate students live.

The demographics of gender are about a good equal size, since most men enjoy drinking coffee in their meetings during the day and beer during the night. Where better place than to have it a coffee shop and have semi-casual conversations. Women enjoy coffee too, only because there isn’t a tea shop where we can sit across each other and look posh.

A good chunk of Caucasians and Asians seem to populate this area. If there were any others of different ethnicities, they are either a young adult studying or accompanied with another person of a different ethnicity.

Well it looks like I find my peace observing people. Other than drawing and painting. Reading stresses me out since I always want to find out what happens in the end.

The rain has stopped, my coffee’s gone and my Spotify playlist is on pause. Thus, here ends the post.


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