April 21.

I have to applaud Facebook for their innovative approach in shaping the current culture.

I clearly needed to be reminded of my silly posts 5 years ago on this date, where I would actually post what’s on my mind. There was that post where I complained about my freshman semester, in which I made the great mistake of adding my lecturer and swearing on social media (not to him, but I was lectured for the world to see).

On April 21, I got the admission letter into Wisconsin. It was also my top choice, and only one of the two schools I applied (the other being Maryland, which I didn’t get). I couldn’t be happier, my friends who later became my sophomore-transfer year roommates were asking on each other’s wall of the verdict of our possible future.

One of my friends posted on my wall, who had also gotten into the same school. However, she got offered to a better school two months later (Cornell) and later met her current boyfriend who’s really the best.

A lot of times I questioned the what-ifs, and why I didn’t aim higher. I was more worried about finances and exchange rates more than anything else (other than ranking and friends) in choosing my school. I was not on a bonded scholarship, which means although I was not obligated to go back to Malaysia right after graduation, I have to bear all the expenses and work hard to find ways to support my living.

Fast forward, years later and I’m still thinking about the what-ifs. But it’s starting to seem like a blur — and less for me to try to undo the changes that have happened.

I was rummaging through my files and found my hard copy admission letter, a necessary document to show proof to the immigration officer that I was going to be a full-time student.


I wouldn’t trade this admission away.


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