I’m moving?

After talking about permanence, my roommate told me she found another unit in our apartment that’s up for rent on May 1.

That’s like in one month.

It’s definitely bigger than our current apartment and has a fireplace (do we even use it ?).

If it’s confirmed that I’m moving on May 1, this means that I have moved three times from house to house within the past 9 months. You would think by now I should be more settled, with nailing in the mirrors and setting up wall decors but kabom, we are moving again.

I’m not against it, I would trade a bigger apartment. It would also get me to start cleaning up things I actually have not used in three years so that moving gets easier.

We just have a large couch to move.

A large couch that took six guys to move it.

Now we gotta move it, this time, upwards.

Do we need to get cranes? Ropes? Minions?


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