Third Quarter.

Thursday, 3/25/2016



Can’t believe it’s already THURSTY THURSDAY *gulp gulp gulp*

Today is a day to stay hydrated because guess what, it snowed. (you thought I was going to talk about the bars, did you?)

Yes, God loves me every day to remind me that snow will keep coming so I don’t miss it and that there is a thin line between using my personal heater and piling up on blankets.

With that said, it’s MAUNDY THURSDAY to commemorate Passion Week and the Last Supper and closing in to Easter.

How did I do on lent?

There were a couple of things I gave up on lent. One of them was Facebook.

It was initially staying away from Facebook altogether, and then reducing my time on Facebook, and then not posting anything ever, and then…not looking like anything has changed.

I have been frequently posting things because it’s March Madness, and I’m rooting for Wisconsin with all my heart. They are playing a game on Friday but it’s also Good Friday service during that time. Trusting God that while I’m at the service that they will show some love on the court. (update: Wisconsin lost in the 19 seconds of the game during Good Friday worship. I wouldn’t be so sad, if they didn’t give that turnover in that last 19 seconds. They were leading by 2-5 points the entire game. Wisconsin has been really good at bouncing back even if they were down in the entire game, and them not being down this game got me worried, and I was right. 61 – 56.  Notre Dame zoomed past Wisconsin in that 19 seconds.)

Funny enough is that I have yet to go to basketball game, like even my roommate has gone to a Badger game before me (and she’s from Illinois!). Ergh, I’m really not doing my part living the Badger life.

But back to Facebook. Despite creating a lenient ruling for myself, I have definitely found more time doing other things I enjoy and also reflecting on many situations happening this past month. But yes, I shouldn’t find ways to justify what I have been doing…

I have been pretty consistent with the other things I’ve given up on lent 🙂 though I haven’t done as much reading as I should have. I think lent is a good “excuse” to make or break a habit, like eating less meat or watching less TV and I won’t be able to persevere without constant support and accountability.

But more so, the main idea is to spend less time on worldly desires, and more on the focus of God’s presence and His provision.


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