KDrama review: Descendants of the Sun



I decided to squeeze in some time to watch Descendants of the Sun over the past week.

Bad idea.

Good job Korean entertainment for recruiting back Joong Ki right after his army stint. Because not only he has the face of an innocent puppy, he now has a body that says you should call him daddy.


But other than that, in beneath all the war, two very good looking people would find themselves in a country not of their own, and “try to create a melodrama but becomes a blockbuster” (they actually say that in the show, like twice) would be a very realistic romance drama.

Are like army guys really single? What is the main reason of this show? Do they like want Korean girls to flock to these men after watching this show and be like “be my Joong Ki?” I watched the show because someone told me that they highlighted political substance (and she dislikes Korean anything) and so I was like cool, I should check it out.

But nooooo, it’s always good looking guy, good looking girl, can’t admit to each other’s feelings until like 3/4 into the drama and then dun dun dun, something happens, someone almost dies (one’s a soldier, the other’s a doctor, i think anyone can guess what would happen).

Not hating on the drama because I have been religiously following the show and getting free trials to just watch this.


Things I like about the show:

  • Pilot episode
  • Song Joong Ki-Lee Kwang Soo bromance everytime
  • Song Joong Ki
  • Army action/conduct
  • Doctors deducing diseases (which only happens like 1/12 of each episode)
  • Filming in a different country/ Diversity audience
  • Doctor-army romance, only when Joong Ki does something
  • David McInnis (who’s from Wisconsin!!! +1)

Things I dislike about the show:

  • Unnecessary father-son-in-law plot
  • Bad villain action (for an army show)
  • More people dying than fighting (at this point I feel like I’m watching helpless doctors than men fighting)
  • Doctor who thinks that she can call the shots in the army world
  • Doctor who acts like a high school girl for the boy she loves in front of the commander when she’s a renowned professional surgeon
  • Girl reducing her pride just to go after the man she loves (who has some conflicted feelings because her dad is the commander)
  • my addiction for the show despite everything I have said

Should you watch it? Maybe, if you are a girl who likes really good looking guys tying your hair for you and making forceful kisses because of all the sexual tension he has been holding back because army life.

I kid. I think it’s a good show overall, I mean it’s so good that it’s getting a 34% viewership rating (most famous korean dramas get around 10-20%). My guy friends are hooked into it, I’m sure my dad would get hooked into it too (my dad introduces me to Korean dramas sometimes).




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