Week Recap

What a week.

  • Basketball

HCM Basketball ended with a loss in the championship, 5 (or 6, does it matter when they are already doing free throws at the end of the shot clock)points behind 3rd seed White. We tied 5 times this season, 4 of them on overtime. We were 2nd for two weeks, down to 4th, and then worked our way up to the championship. Could have been an underdog win, but we learned from our mistakes.

Dennis does a hilarious recap for the previous weeks here: https://hcmbball.wordpress.com/

I am so happy that Wisconsin is still part of the  NCAA tournament despite inconsistencies and a loss to Illinois.

  •  Forward

There is a high probability I am leaving in August, unless something miraculous happens and by then, that’s God’s blessing. I am already blessed to be here.

  • Timeout

Watched Zootopia.

Ate everything homemade steak, mashed potatoes and cheesecake.

Also led my first Bible study woohoo (but gonna get feedback tomorrow on how it went so fingers crossed it would be good)

Any break I get is basically spent on BTS.



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