From Yes to No : A Gathering of Courage and Telling it Like it is

In my earlier posts, I mentioned how I valued the friendship I had with people, and never turned them down, because who knows in the future, I may need to ask them a favor as well.

I’m fine with some things that people try to sell to me but unfortunately it leaves a bad taste in my mouth, especially if it’s not something I’m keen about, not struggling about and so forth.

I would like to highlight a particular group of companies called Desi companies. I remembered talking to some of them months ago but I thought it’s one of the most interesting schemes and a way around the actual working visa system.

Desi companies are Indian companies who are like a recruiting agency for IT / Business consultants. Because Indians are known for their strong skills in the IT area, they have created a training school (apparently free, but there’s a catch where you have to pay $700 upfront and they will return $700 to you after you finish the course) that teaches you all the IT skills you need in the job.

I’ve read reviews that the training is good. It’s usually online, or sometimes if you are nearby in the area, they have it in California.

After you are done or still doing your training, they will teach you (?) to create a better resume and find job placements for you in large IT companies.

Basically, they are creating a “window dressing” resume of qualifications that apparently match 5-7 years of skills. They will probably write that in the resume, but in addition to that, they will teach you how to sell yourself into something you are actually not.

Why 5-7 years of skills? Most of the H1B jobs have a median salary of $50,000 -$70,000 and while most starting salaries are that amount, it is easier to get a job with more experience and a better salary.

This sounds like a dream come true for most people, I mean 5-7 years salary for an entry-level graduate, it’s like you get to skip the sore in your forearms when you climb for the first time and start going for 5.10 routes! (pardon the rock climbing lingo, it’s what happens when your arm feels the burn in every direction)

…unless you feel your integrity challenged.

I mean who is to stop them if they are a legal company? It’s just that from then on, you are living a life that was built for you instead of you building it for yourself.

You become a construction of people’s ideas and perceptions, which what society has enforced on everyone of us, to go get a job, to go to the greener side, to execute ourselves in a way that even bad things sounds like amazing things.

But then again, that’s sales pitch right? Because if sales pitch told the real deal, I mean, probably the non-necessary/luxury items portion of the GDP growth would be at a lower standing than now (it would probably a lower standing for other factors like purchasing power, cost of living, but we will leave that for another story)

So Desi companies are not exactly my friends, but I knew what they were, and for that reason, before they could go further and pull strings, I told them that I knew what they were doing and how they worked. I told them I wasn’t interested and I thanked them.

And that was it. Sure, I’m not doing any favor to the sales people on the other line, I mean, it means getting another rejection for the day, but man, for once saying that no you are not interested for the right reasons makes it feel so good.

I don’t have to stoop this low to be here. I can get it by my own means (or means by the grace of God).


When I was struggling with work one day, and my pastor told me work is hard because of the sin of Adam that befall on mankind.

…but why does work have to be hard?

Sure, there is hard work that needs to put in. Your own efforts. Like studying. Maybe that isn’t a lot of effort for some people, but it’s still your own attention to the matter. Like you understand something because you learned something before, and whether how long it took you to learned it, you learned something by your own will (or against your will, but you still learned something).

(to be continued, or I will never get my actual work done)



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