Juice Cleanse Detox: Day 3

A little more swarmed with work today so I’m a little late on this post.

Update on day 1 here

Update on day 2 here

Previously on Day 2
Ate a serving of sesame chicken and some white rice, contemplated life, downed two bottles

8:00 pm – Coming to an end of this juice cleanse and I don’t feel cleansed in any way yet. Maybe because I fast frequently or just don’t eat a lot of junk food, or don’t have a lot of water weight in general. If anything, I’m finally making congee for myself for the first time and boy, that smells great. All I want is nothing more to taste the Dead Sea here right now. 

6:30 pm – Friends are asking how my juice cleanse is going. They had Taco Bell to-go. Trying to drink both water and my next coconut fusion (8th bottle!) to quench that hunger. It’s like I can’t do anything about this hunger unless the ultimate goal is to become a giant water balloon like Violet Beauregarde.


5:57 pm -standing in Short Stack Eatery to avoid the cold, that breakfast burrito is so necessary now. Picked up an Isthmus paper and saw their cover news about healthy restaurants coming to Madison. Like Forage Kitchen on State St! Is Madison becoming an Ithaca?!

4:47 pm – Thought I could make it, had a bottle of sweet greens earlier (7th bottle!) to dismiss the hunger I had. Less than an hour later, I could feel the desperation to eat again but can’t do much about it with all the liquid I have been drinking. The feeling I’m having right now is basically the same feeling as living off water for the day. Also, because of its high sugar content, I’m drinking water constantly so I feel twice as bloated.

12:36 pm – Stomach’s churning but I’m not looking forward to drinking my next juice bottle nor am I craving for anything. It’s like I want to munch on something but I don’t want to think about how unhealthy my food choices might be (because right now, there is leftover sesame chicken).

11:30 am – Pineapple mint was the easiest bottle to drink. Hunger kicks in for lunch now.

8:45 am – Looking forward to this pineapple mint bottle and it didn’t disappoint me! It was my favorite bottle out of the six. But looking at the sugar content though…


8:00 am – Maybe because I’m used to skipping breakfast, that it didn’t feel too different from my usual mornings.


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