Juice Cleanse Detox : Day 2

If you are following my journey, I applaud you! 🙂

For day 1, click here

Real-time update to document my journey!

Previously on Day 1
Ate a pineapple tart, down three bottles. 


10:57 pm – Calling it a night. Finished my 2nd bottle pretty quickly, but more so to get the sesame chicken out of my taste buds. Kidneys/Intestines felt funny. Roommate is making yellow curry from scratch. Trying to sleep and breathing in the aroma of garlic and shallots is the test of the gods.

4:15 pm – Feel like I can work like a normal person. The hunger is beginning to pulsate. Have not started my 2nd bottle.

12:55 pm – If  you were hoping for me to be living off juice for these three days, then this post is not for you. I had a serving of sesame chicken, and realized how hungry I was for it, even though it didn’t taste great. I was tempted to take more, as though to replenish the protein that I have been stripped off, but I kept within a few pieces. Perhaps, the fact I was pretty full from the last drink I had had helped, but finally being able to munch on something was helpful.

In times like these, I am somehow reminded of Galatians 5: 22-23, about the fruits of the spirit and having self-control (I just took a fun cleanse into something biblical wow). I didn’t just take the food because I was hungry, I took it because I know it’s tasty and can be considered unhealthy (deep-fried chicken). I succumbed to the temptation of having that wonderful sesame chicken, that aroma. I didn’t want to let it go to waste, I wanted to have my share too. It was like me wanting to party with people, going to clubs, I wanted my share of fun too.

Can’t believe this juice cleanse is making me go through a spiritual cleanse too.

Decided I’m going to be doing pure juice for dinner.

11:28 am – Boss decides to have a company lunch today. We are going to have Asian food. I am detaching myself from worldly pleasures.


10:18 am – First bottle of the day with BEEETTTSSSSS. The redness of it appeals me. It makes me feel like a vampire drinking blood in broad daylight which is usually unheard of. All about the unconventionality.

Things I’m craving now: Making potstickers and dry chilli pan mee from scratch.


I can taste everything.

pic (c) thegardennom.files.wordpress.com

8:04 am – Woke up this morning feeling a little more energized despite sleeping past 12. I didn’t feel too different, but my pants seem to fit pretty snugly. I could be psychologically telling myself I’m losing weight (water weight to be precise). I remembered how my friend told me juice cleansing is an overpriced regime that is pretty much useless, and that I should just drink the juice as a normal supplementary drink.

I’ve come too far to back down, and after yesterday’s struggles, today doesn’t seem too bad at all.


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