Juice Cleanse Detox : Day 1

So I decided to start my juice cleanse regime for 3 days. It was a heavy investment (like $5/16 oz bottle) but I was excited to have these as one of the things to cross on my YOLO list. I have 18 bottles, 6 each day, to down. Let’s do this!

Real-time update to document my journey!

Pre-cleanse background
It was a fasting day yesterday for the church in preparation for the retreat. I didn’t quite fast, but I ate a bag of semi-raw/cooked edamame for brunch. Made pasta for dinner, and then pizza and fries to break fast last night.
Instructions told me to prep a clean diet before starting the juice cleanse, but you can tell I did not listen.

11:29 pm – Resisted from all the Doritos, chocolates and any late-night snacks! I didn’t meet the goal of six bottles, but I had three and I’m in this weird phase of being hungry and full simultaneously. Round 2 begins tomorrow!

7:25 pm – succumbed to one pineapple tart imported from Taiwan. The instruction says I can have a small meal…

6:15 pm – I can actually smell broccoli. Like my senses have been heightened. How can broccoli be so tempting?!

Will I end up becoming like this?

6:01 pm
– Realized how this sounds like a dying man’s journal, because the struggle is so RRREAAAALLLL. I’m not sure how I am able to finish six bottles tonight, because my belly feels like a splashing ocean.

5:59 pm – 3rd bottle is some coconut fusion. Reminds me of home where coconut is in abundance. Roommate is making her curry leftovers with her all-time favorite broccoli. I just remembered that tonight there will be snacks at family group.

5:31 pm – I have gone for my 3rd bottle. I could feel the sugar in the system. Another friend just asked me if I wanted to do dinner today.

2:12 pm – The hunger pangs have stopped. My body has learned that this would be the only lunch it will have to bear with today.


12:43 pm – It tastes pretty good. I wonder how much sugar is loaded in—man I just had 10 g of sugar. I never liked lemonade. It just gets kinda icky on the throat. Rice sounds good right now…

12:15 pm – It’s all about the mentality, it’s all about the mentality.

12:02 pm – My friend is talking about what I had last night after family group. Pizza isn’t my thing but I feel like I could do anything for pasta now…

10:54 am – I don’t usually have breakfast or lunch. But the hunger is kicking in. My stomach is churning.


9:00 am – Had my first bottle of double kale formula. Tastes surprisingly great, like something I would buy off a healthy juice store in a cozy town in Colorado Springs.


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