excerpt from a Facebook post on April 7, 2015. 

Seconds to the clock
Seconds to the cheers in the crowd
Seconds to every swing and turn
Where every move skipped a heart beat
and every sound was amplified

Seconds to the sound of the buzzer
Seconds to the hug with your mentor
Seconds to the adrenaline
of tears of joy or grief
of sheer happiness or sorrow

Seconds till the last ounce of strength
Seconds till the last shot you make
Seconds till the last game you play
Seconds till the last move you take
Seconds till you last run you haste

Seconds before the ball came down and it was over
Seconds before you knew you were going to be

On April 6, 2015, Wisconsin lost to Duke in the 2015 NCAA National Men’s Basketball Division I Championship 63-68.

I was pretty upset, not because I thought Wisconsin had a clear chance of winning, but the fact that if Wisconsin won, it would have ended a 74-year championship win drought. Also, it doesn’t help that half of your church is from stinkin’ Duke. I should show love to my brothers.  

In other fandom news, I have at least seen most of the basketball players in person except for Bronson Koenig and some of the current basketball rookies. I met Nigel Hayes on the crosswalk and took a photo with him in Mia Za’s (was fangirling). Sam Dekker didn’t finish school but I’m pretty sure I saw him walk during our departmental graduation. Frank Kaminsky and Josh Gasser graduated in the same class and were 5 row seats in front of me…I mean, how hard is it to spot these six-footers?

Despite knowing and experiencing all of these, I have never been to a Wisconsin basketball game.

I can’t wait for March Madness.


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