What’s happening today?

Today’s education menu:

  1. Green Bay PackersIPC
    I learned that the “Packers” in Green Bay Packers was named after the meat packing industry, mainly by this company who sponsored their first uniforms back then. It’s too bad last night’s game was the end of their season. Onto March Madness then.
  2.  Malaysia 

    Singamap.pngA recurring theme that happens in my time here has been explaining where and what Malaysia is. Technically, Malaysia has two sections (see white right part). One of my friends thought that Singapore was a part of the Malaysia peninsula (Singapore is an island). Hence, the map.

  3. 臘八(La Ba Chinese festival – three weeks before Chinese New Year) 

    Laba is celebrated on the eight day of the La month, the twelfth month of the Chinese calendar. It is a tradition to eat it with Laba congee, in which I had the opportunity to enjoy this delicacy, cooked by my lovely friend, Crystal.

  4. I have learned to accept the fact that some of my friends would forever think I am a full-time undergraduate student despite the fact that I have my graduation picture plastered as my profile picture and they themselves have witnessed my graduation first-hand. Your sins are forgiven.

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