Everything happens for a reason.

In light of today’s Dow Jones 500 points and news about the stock correction, everyone’s panicking about the stock market crashing. I noticed that we have this mentality about being more concerned about losing more money than earning. Come on, who has time to look at stocks each minute if you have a main job that is not trading for short-term/high volume stocks? Just breathe.

In a completely unrelated note,  one of my potential portfolios (stocks I don’t invest in but I take a look anyway), the Blackberry stock hasn’t changed much since I first traded. In fact, it is because of an ongoing conversation I had with someone who was a huge Blackberry and John Chen fan that pushed me towards getting a trading account. And because I was a fan of undervalued stocks, I started diving in hands-on in the world of online trading.

But Blackberry never became the stock I invested in. I saw its potential with its new launch of the Passport and the way John Chen pitched it, but there was something about it that didn’t feel quite right. The Blackberry Passport phone was a great phone, but it only appealed to a niche market. To this day, I can probably count with one hand of the people I knew who carried it as their “Bible”s.

There are other things that came into play as well on the financial analysis side, but I’m glad I never invested in it. Maybe I will regret that decision at some point, who knows. I’m just thankful that the conversation that happened convinced  me enough to be at where I’m standing now. 🙂





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