It should be common sense to rely on God for direction.

They say that whenever something comes to you naturally it is like eating rice, because it’s like the easiest thing to do.

“Swimming is like eating rice one la.”

I can’t swim.

For some reason, God likes to instill one childhood traumatizing water experience in my family:

  • My dad fell into the Klang river when he was a kid.
  • My mom did cliff jumping and stayed at the bottom of the waters for a really long time.
  • I fell off a log and panicked in calm waters.

My dad became an excellent swimmer, but both my mom and I somehow didn’t quite get the memo that what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.

So as a Christian, it should be common sense that when in doubt, in joy or in sorrow, we should give praise to God or repent and ask for His help, right?






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