Your present worth (part 1)


You are 23.

At anywhere in this timeline,

you can be a fresh graduate.
a graduate student.
an entry-level working professional.
a gap-year soul searcher.
a drop-out college student financing your own business.
an individual working on odd jobs.
a person with years of work experience.
an ambitious soul.
a dweller going through internal chaos.
a light that dimmed out.
a looming cloud of uncertainty.

Supposed in this timeline, you are a person who’s out of university. Exposed. Naked. You can no longer hide behind the skirts of the education system to protect you from the stories they say about this “real world”.

They say out there, it is like the woods. Legends have told that there are creatures out there, far worst than you could ever comprehend. Those who survived have live to tell the tale that it is a mad, mad world out there. Who knows, there may be more things unknown that no one has made it out alive to give you a heads up.

You will feel your worst at 23. Or your best at 23. You will get a job that you’ve either got it the first try, or spent countless times sorting through rejection before making the cut. You will know who your friends are after the classes/clubs/dorms you’ve been through with them, and who in the workplace are willing to spend time with you for your learning growth. You may experience a different life lesson. You think you knew it all.

You realized at whatever age you are in now, you look back at how naïve and dumb you were. You can’t change that now. You are here. You decide to be mature this time. You move on. You stumble. You reflect. You pick yourself up. Process repeats.

Supposedly now, you have reached a point of no return. There is no way to reverse this. You had one goal, and that goal was to be where you dream yourself to be. You had these action steps you had wanted to take, and somehow on one of the critical steps, you messed up. Even you, the most optimistic person that anyone could ever imagine, realized that the path you had drawn has reached its dead end, because you believed you had killed your path when the tip of the pencil broke and it couldn’t be sharpened any longer.

If your self-esteem is low, it is now at an all-time low score.

What are you going to do?

picture (c) googleimages.


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