It just felt like the next day.

On NYE’s countdown, I was feeling exhausted from the early morning flight I had from Boston. It was hard to hold myself together without falling asleep.

This morning, my mom sent me one of her passive aggressive texts on not wishing her good luck messages to start of the year, in which she mentions that it is a symbol of respect to the parents.

I have come to a time where the start of a New Year is like, another year, another day.

Time is relative. I could start my New Year’s resolution on the Chinese. Korean or Vietnamese New Year calendar, which happens on February 8 this year. Or on Deepavali, which is similar to Indian New Year, on October 30.

Time is however not relative unfortunately in the corporate world, with the strict regime and functions of audits, deadlines and the upcoming tax season.

I can give a million excuses on denying that today does not feel like the first day of the year, but because of our conforming to the Roman calendar, I will write out a New Year’s resolution for this year, which I hope I can look back and see what I have done.

I wrote about what happened last year, but I will write what really happened last year:

  • the one that got away
  • living alone for the first time
  • graduation
  • job in Madison
  • commitment to church and various ministries
  • a new place
  • a new roommate
  • a new car (sorta)

2016, my prayers for you:

  • that I will find my idea of success and purpose within
  • that I will grow wiser each day
  • that I will never lose motivation on the things I pursue
  • that I will perservere each day to be a better worker, a better servant, a better individual

materially, things that I need to achieve this year:

  • passing my CFA Level II
  • reaching my goal to stay in the USA
  • to do a handstand
  • to do a pullup
  • take care of myself
  • take care of my family

and lastly, never losing my faith in the one who has kept me alive to experience the joy and pain of every moment.

I will always be grateful for that.


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