I can’t believe yesterday was the last Sunday of 2015 and there’s three more days left to the end of this year.

I think there should always be a reflective post for the year-end, and to look back on what has happened. Life has taught me a great deal of things this year. A heartbreak, an old romance, a lost friendship, the whole job application process, life after graduation, four weddings, one funeral, birth of a child.

Normally, I don’t take pictures of graveyards because of how morbid it is and it may be disrespectful to those who passed. But I just thought about how graveyards don’t have to be gloomy, they should also be a celebration of life, the way the words are written on the tombs, and  how they should be remembered.

In a way, our past may have struggles that look gloomy, haunting and just miserable that they should be buried way below, never to be taken a good look again. Your experiences will never make you the same person. You can never be that blank slate you were when you were born. Your experiences are not a zero-sum game.

But I realized so many trillion reason to be thankful for. I was just talking to my friend over dinner two nights ago, and the more I shared, the more she was overwhelmed by the fact that I did not land in some ditch.

God put a yellow line to prevent things from happening and told me it’s for my own good. And I choose to cross it like 90% of the time.

I am pretty sure up there He is looking down saying ,”Please help this troubled child.”

Thank you God for keeping me alive each day even if I choose to be disobedient in my own ways.

I’m ready to welcome a faithful 2016.




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