The feminist topic: intellectual comics

What are the odds that by writing something that is not written in laymen terms today will I not only be scrutinized by the lack of foresight of different perspectives, but also the fact that I have a Y chromosome and therefore my logic is flawed?

It often seems that for most of these logical, rational comics, that is less about relationships and more about the existence of the universe, do I rarely see that the author refers to itself as a her.

For some reason, women appeal to women, with comics about men, their high-maintenance life, the drama that they encounter.

And when they do talk about gender-neutral topics, the comic still looks like it’s targeted for the female audience, those colors, those self-empowering book about men are douchebags.

(Does it always have to be about a dude??)

What’s wrong with that if that’s the audience they are going for?


(more on this later)


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