30 days of thankfulness ; #day 1

During Thanksgiving, I had the opportunity to be with amazing friends and families to share a time of reunion and amazing food. The thing I loved most? Family traditions. Every one at the table shares what they are thankful about and be reminded on what a joy it is to be alive. Great stuff.

I remembered how my mom would always tell me to write a list of things I am grateful for, but being the rebellious kid, I would shrug and be like “yeah yeah I will do it”.

Let’s start with Day 1.

#Day 1: I am thankful for my car

I took the materialistic route on this one. But I am grateful that my boss had somehow found a way to convince me to get a car. I didn’t want to spend additional expense on other things unnecessary after figuring out rent and utilities.

I was hoping that my future roommate would drop me off at work each morning, since it’s so close to home. But I realized that we don’t work on the same times, and it really is troublesome when it’s not really on the way.

I didn’t know how and what I needed to do with this whole car thing; my parents insisted on driving me around when I was back home. I have driven my parents’ car, but they are expensive and I wouldn’t want to risk myself driving it on my own.

On one faithful day, after telling my dilemma to a wonderful lady, she sent me an ad on the same day about how one of her friends was selling their car. Bought it in a heartbeat.

I couldn’t be more thankful.

It reminded me what it was like to listen to the radio while my parents drove in the car. Of all the pop music we shared, when my dad danced to Lady Gaga and give me his coolest expressions. The times when my mom would switch to the old classics’ station, and we would be listening to the Carpenters until I found pop music in my teenage years because I wanted to be cool.  Sometimes we listen to BFM 89.9, the business station where they would talk about pretty much anything political and economical because that’s their bread and butter. Man, I love BFM 89.9. They sometimes call it Bieber-Free Music, because really the only songs they play are classical and some weird high jam from the 80s.


(I wasn’t kidding.)

Also, the fact that I can now jam to songs like I’ll Make A Man Out of You and drive with vigor, just because.

Anyway, as an undergraduate, I had to call people to pick me up for rides because I didn’t want to drag myself out to the bus stop. I also dislike waiting for something which is why I either arrive on time or just fashionable timing. I appreciate the fact that now by driving, I don’t have to call someone when I get off the wrong bus stop and end up on the wrong street.


The point is, I enjoy serving people with this lovely car. Sure there are some hiccups with my driving skills, but at the end of the day, I want to pay it forward with the kind actions of what the other drivers have done for me when I was hobo-ing in the library.

What a time to be alive.

(c) logo – BFM 89.9


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